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In today’s world of web for every function of life, such seminars are very useful for every professional or user. I strongly recommend this seminar for every employee of IBC Information Services whether they are directly related to it now or not. 
[M. Varma, Manager–PMO, Insurance Bureau of Canada, April 2002]


Ergonaute Consulting offers an extensive knowledge-sharing program composed of a series of customizable seminars in usability & User Interface design. All the seminars are also offered in a workshop format. 

All seminars are offered on demand, on site, to a minimum of 3 applicants and a maximum of 15 to ensure the best quality. Some seminars are offered publicly and are announced in the Events section of the Welcome page. 

The knowledge-sharing program is carefully designed to allow existing staff to execute a big number of design and usability tasks, limiting our consulting services to the most sensitive and important areas.

Available Seminars and Workshops                (* one day   ** half a day )

Web Design:

  • Usability Guidelines for Web Site Design*
  • From Requirements to WUI Design* 
  • Web Design for Information Sites*
  • Web Design for Applications*
  • Web Accessibility**

Windows GUI Design:

  • User Interface Design and Usability*
  • From Requirements to GUI Design*
  • GUI Design for Applications*
  • GUI Accessibility**



  • Usability Methods**
  • Usability Testing**
  • Using usability criteria in design and evaluation*
  • Mental Models and Designing Metaphors and Icons**
  • Data Visualization**
  • International UIs**

Text UI Design:

  • User Interface Design and Usability*
  • From Requirements to GUI Design*
  • UI Design for Applications*

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